I have tried several kinds of birth control for the bottom line of: I don’t want to get preggo. I am developing a serious case of baby fever at the moment but my husband and I really can’t afford a child right now and that’s totally ok since we still have major travel and personal goals to meet. Anyway, getting off and on birth control messes with our bodies and some of these symptoms really suck!! I went from pill to nothing for a long time, to nexaplon (arm implant), to the pill, to Mirana (IUD).

1. If you are off birth control, we all saw it coming, “You will get pregnant and die!”. HA! But honestly, if you aren’t on birth control and you aren’t taking any precautions other than the “ol’ reliable pull out” you are really testing Jesus.2. Keep your skin AS CLEAN AS POSSIBLE. This post is honestly about hormones, let’s be real. Everything you’ve been putting into your body you’re taking away so your skin is soooo likely to break out. Make sure you have the best cleanser, spot treatment, and toner for your skin type to not create further irritations. Personally, I went to the dermatologist this year for the first time in a long time and damn, what a difference. My skin is almost always perfect now.
3. It’s ok to spurge sometimes but at least for a few weeks- eat clean! Again, for the same reason above- hormones.IMG_7541.jpg
4. I was without birth control for about year between the implant and the pill the second time, I got off because I gained SO MUCH WEIGHT with the implant and I was getting married and knew I wasn’t going to be having sex til the wedding that I wanted my body free of all those hormones so that maybe I could at least debloat! So if you want to aid your body into dropping those birth control pounds excercise, even if you’re just on the treadmill walking or walking around the neighborhood. Walking does wonders.
5. Monitor your mood…just try. If your man says you a little crazy…you probably are a little crazy at the moment. But that just means he has to be extra sensitive and understanding.

Good luck to anyone trying to get pregnant, switching , getting off, or getting on birth control! I am currently on the IUD and I love it! I don’t have to worry about taking something every day or every month and my body overall hasn’t had huge changes.

Enjoy the journey!