When you’re getting down to the final days of your wedding you’re gonna find more and more that you’re kinda really super annoyed about A LOT of little things.

~Not everyone is going to RSVP.

~People won’t show up to the wedding.

~Your bridal party might make you question why you chose them.

~Frustration with multiple vendors.

I have grudges against those who didn’t RSVP to our wedding. It’s weird and not a huge deal but when you’re trying to get a head count and you literally placed an RSVP card and stamped envelope with the invitation…I feel as though it’s being half decent just sending it in with a damn no. OR responding to calls and texts when the bride or groom ask you personally if you are coming. So if anyone who was invited to my wedding did this and you happen to be reading this- that’s why we don’t talk anymore. Because you’re rude and don’t care about maintaing a relationship. #notforgiven #IneedalittlemoreJesus

Anyone who didn’t show up to the wedding gave us pretty good excuses..so that’s fine…minus one. A groomsman decided he was not going to come two days before the wedding. While my husband will text him every now and then, my man knows that he will not enter my house. Hell no. #stillneedJesus That’s just…not a friend…am I right? Half of the groomsmen were also cut out a few months before the wedding and replaced with better friends. My husband doesn’t choose to well on his own apparently. Those replacements were magical and I said they should’ve been there from day one. That was the top of the list as far as what any bridal party member did to make me want to kill them. I had some obstacles with my girls too though. For example………two bridesmaids wanted to get pregnant before the wedding, one was successful and was about five months on the big day, the other didn’t until a few months after the wedding. Since one had a huge belly and the other was aiming to they did not order their dresses until very last minute. If it wasn’t going to cause family drama, I’m pretty sure I would’ve gone full bridezilla. Another girl decided to dye her hair blue 2-3 weeks before the wedding. So that was fun.

Vendors were fine until the day of the wedding. That’s an entirely separate article.

Wedding planning ultimately ends in a wedding. I loved my wedding, I had a ton of fun, my friends and family had fun, and most importantly I got married to the one person I was intended for since the day I was born. Weddings are of this world but God is not. He orchestrates and plans wonderful things for us and the marriage HE has planned.

To all future brides, the one thing to remember is that if you get married on your big day, you had a successful wedding.

So much love,