The whole purpose of my blog is following a journey to the things I’m passionate about. This is why everything I write is about traveling, weddings, college, my husband (possibly mentioned in every singly article I have out there- minus the shaving my legs one but let’s be real, I need those smooth legs to impress, TMI, and these parentheses have gone on far too long), etc. Anyway, since as long as I can remember I’ve loved creating art, jewelry, clothes, even before I was good at it (better now by the way). So I’m taking my show on the road (on the line)!

So I have a few collections and you get a little sneak peek of each

Mermaid Collection, obviously I have one of those because…obsessed.


Cause Collection, each of these items support a different cause and there is a lot of work to be done in the world.


Mystery Collection, special little boxes with a surprise inside! You choose the kind of lady you are, intellectual, Slay all day, artsy, etc.


Two more collections will be introduced in November (just in time for the holidays) and I’m so excited!

Free shipping for the first week!!

The link is here below, go crazy!