Let’s review

Do you love animals? How about elephant? Love those? I do. I really love elephant pants.

If you want the cutest most comfortable pants ever, search for The Elephant Pants on the line. They are nicely priced and adorable. BUT the best is yet to come. If you order elephant pants, not all of the money paid goes to the company. Thats right! A portion of that money goes toward saving the elephants. Beautiful, gentle, and hunted creatures. The site offers these amazing pants I’m talking about but also shirts, shorts, dresses, rompers, kids clothes, accessories and more! All genders welcome. One size fits most but there’s a large size as well.


Better yet, in the past they haven’t just saving elephants. They have had a turtle collection!!! And if you know me, you know I LOVE turtles! They have little turtles all over this collection instead of elephants and with every purchase $2 goes to saving our favorite reptile! You also get a water bottle and an STC membership. Now while this collection is no longer available, I have high hopes of them bringing it back/showing off more limited edition collections to help save every animal of the planet!