My Husband is my Hero

I’ve been involved in a lot of conversations in the past few weeks with different people all around my age with very different relationship goals and it just kinda got me thinking..

There are exceptions to every rule like you should have your life more or less together, you should be together for a certain amount of time etc. but social media shows how amazing weddings can be not how amazing or testing a marriage can be. Only realizing it a few weeks ago how I will never fall in love with anyone else ever again was the strangest feeling. When you’re in a relationship, you shouldn’t rush the fall, it’s the fun before you guys find your comfort zone of being “us” instead of “you and I”. You also can’t always assume you’re an exception. Like constatnly saying “oh that will never happen to us, we’re perfect”, are you convincing us or yourself? If my husband was the same age as me (23) that wedding would have been hella postponed from now. A man at 32 is a lot different from a man at 23. I’m sure I’d still love him but 25 is probably the youngest a guy should get married. Girls can be just as wild and need to get it all out like boys do but not usually as much. Again- exceptions to every rule. The amount of “all in” you BOTH have to be is honestly immeasurable.


My husband is my hero. He’s my hero in basically every sense of the word. He’s constantly putting my needs before his and working on problems instead of letting them drown in the emotion ocean. He challenges me to work hard in every aspect of my life. He puts only God before me while encouraging and bettering the relationship I have with my King. He keeps my feet on ground and in reality without crushing my dreams of having all the dogs and cats I want. He lets me talk about everything he probably doesn’t care about but still shows me he cares by listening and letting me talk about my day. He doesn’t vengefully try to make me feel bad if I made him feel bad previously. He’s been in a full on prince costume, been stranded at home so I could have the car for work, laughed so hard with and at me that we both cry and shows me he’s committed everyday. Relationships are full of choices. You have to choose to love even when he’s loudly baa’ing at sheep from the car and you think you could rip your own ears off because he’s at the moment the most annoying ever. Funny but annoying as stealing your leftovers for lunch.


What’s your point Jojo? No matter if you’re in dire desire of the big commitment or you’re iffy about the future because of the past; focus on the present. Pressuring your significant other to commit with rings and marriage is scary and a recipe for your partner to not be a partner. A team is a team and you have to work together.

Good luck from this damsel (no distress) and her hero,

Enjoy the journey!



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