Honeymoon Cruise

July 1st started an excellent adventure for the rest of my life. I became a Mrs., Marrying the most excellent man my eyes have ever found. July 2nd started a literal adventure for our honeymoon. When we were first engaged we searched for the opportunity to go to Hawaii. My husband, being from Brazil, has a strong interest in seeing all of the United States and we’re beach people. Hawaii flights were expensive and then the idea of adding food and hotel and rental car and bill after bill we decided to go in a different direction. While expensive, it’s basically all inclusive so we chose a cruise. Our cruise departed from Fort Lauderdale Fl, we got married 4 hours north of that in beautiful palm coast. Coveinent and who doesn’t love a cruise?Reception_1118.JPG

Stop 1 Haiti

The private island of royal Caribbean is basically a beach day but it’s the most beautiful beach day you can imagine. You’re surrounded by lush green mountains atop blue green clear water. Gorgeous in every way basically. They have a massive zip line but it’s $100 so we skipped. For $30 (just under 30 I think) they have a “roller coaster ” it’s a little car on a track that can fit 1-2 people. You go wayyyyy up and then you zig zag down. You control the speed so when you come out of the trees you can catch glimpses of the ship, the sea, the beach, the beauty. We loved it! I drove so he could video the whole ride. Youtbe channel coming. Overall, totally worth it. The views were amazing and it was super fun being a coaster and what not. IMG_1144.JPG
Stop 2 Jamaica

We did an all day excursion because I wanted Rafa to have the best time possible since it was our honeymoon. So the tour was two parts. First we went to Dunns river falls. It’s a 600 foot waterfall of freezing fun. I will always recommend the falls. We then went tubing. They have multiple places to tube so I have no idea what river we were on. But it was a lazy river with a few Rapids for some fun. Exactly what I was looking for.

Stop 3 Mexico

Again we doubled up, we went to the Mayan ruins, something he really wanted to do. Which was incredible. We hiked up the 126 step pyramid with an amazing view of all the tree tops. Following the Coba we went to the senote which is basically an underground sink hole with beautiful and freezing water. It was roughly 80 steps down a spiral staircase leading to this awesome spot. It was great with the GoPro and just an overall beautiful place.
Ps we got to see a celebrity! Derrell from the office! It was such a funny and unique experience.

After arriving back in Fort Lauderdale we drove down to Miami and stayed the night. You can read all about our Miami adventure here. It has all the best places to go and eat.
Extending our honeymoon even more we drove the keys. We went all the way to Key West, to eat, walk Duval street, swim at the beach, and drove back to KeyLargo to stay the night. If you want to spend some time in Key West or key largo take a look at future posts that I have coming to the public eye.

So while I advocate for travel constantly and gave you some great ideas of what to do at these particular cruise ports (blog on cruises coming soon) this is more about our honeymoon. Being a newlywed is something you don’t have except just once in your life. I have only just recently come to the realization that I’m not going to fall in love with anyone else ever again. It’s just us until the end which is amazing. The honeymoon happens after all the hype of the wedding and before the bills and reality set in. That’s why we went for an extended honeymoon. He didn’t have to rush back to school or work and I had coverage. We will literally never have less career responsibility than we do right now so we’re taking advantage of our freedom. Which is how we came up with the crazy idea to go on a cross country (vertically) road trip with only a week in between our honeymoon and this crazy road trip. Read about that adventure posting tomorrow!

Love, love, and more love.

Enjoy the journey!




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