Some people love old traditions, some love making new ones. I’m a fan of both! Here are my faves:

  1. The Kiss. Undoubtedly my favorite tradition. This year was particularly special because I got to spend the New Year with my Fiancé for the first time since we have been together. And this year, we’re engaged! As soon as he kissed me, I honestly felt tears in my eyes because that was the moment I realized he will be my forever New Years kiss until my last New Years Eve celebration. That was such an incredible and emotional moment and I immediately wanted to thank God for it… Which brings me to my next favorite.
  2. Pray Together. Rafael after kissing me, brought me in close to him and in my ear said a prayer for us, our family, and friends for the new year. After he finished he asked me to do the same. I was beyond impressed and grateful that God made an actual person so wonderful and that he made him for me. After we finished, he looked at me and said “That’s our New Years tradition”. The whole day I talked about finding the right traditions that we could do every year and none of them mattered after that moment.
  3. Memory Jar. Something sweet to keep you positive throughout the whole year is write down good things that happen. Doesn’t have to be every day but as often as you can, you should. I did it one year and on the last day of the year I just had a smile for every moment. Seeing the jar every day reminded me to look for the good in a day, even if I was having a really tough time in my week, month, phase, whatever it may be.
  4. Resolutions. Write them down. Every single thing you want out of your year that you can be proactive about write it down and do it. Keep it posted so you can see it and change your life or keep it the same. Have the year you want to have by going after your dreams.
  5. Try a New Place Every Year. Spend new years in a new place every year to best of your ability. One year try a party. The next go downtown. The next stay in. One or three years go big and travel elsewhere. It’s one life, don’t spend it in one place.

Whats your favorite tradition?