Live on campus for at least one year.

I was looking into an apartment with my best friend when I was starting college. I had a rabbit that I was particularly attached to so living somewhere that I could have her would have been amazing. I would’ve wanted to take my dog too but that would’ve killed my mom losing both of her girls. Anyway, bringing up the idea of living off campus to my mom was not something she was about. She pushed me to live on campus.. Thank God I did.


Some of you may have heard how it was fate being put in the International dorm and how that led to a new major, a new career path, travel adventures and so on. But that really isn’t what today’s post is about. If you are interested in hearing that story maybe I could post about it though! Anyway– living on campus had immense benefits.


  1. If there was something going on, you knew about it.
  2. Impromptu hang out sessions
  3. Experiencing “real” college life.
  4. You don’t have to get to school at 4am to find a parking spot.
  5. Friendships made easy.644141_4476039427318_304523975_n

I obviously number 4 is a slight exaggeration but I mean it! You need to get to school early if you want to find a parking spot and not be late for class! As far as number 3 goes you probably only want to see real college life if you’re just leaving high school, early 20s, have no responsibilities, or international. If you’re going back to school and you’re married or have a baby, you should probably stick to your off campus housing.


1, 2, and 5 are all interrelated though. Living on campus, it was so easy to hang out with everyone and anyone. If there was free food somewhere, you get up and go get it! You likely had a roommate or multiple! College students are everywhere and it’s so fun! I love the freedom of my apartment, the decor, having all my pets, my own bathroom, my kitchen, being antisocial when I want to be. I really do love my apartment. But the 40s-50s adults aren’t much fun for me. I do miss living on campus sometimes or that off campus student housing but my priorities have never been about that college life. So for me, I am really happy where I live but I still cherish the first two years on college on campus.