Try it Tuesday: Jet Skiing

I try to absorb everything I do or watch. I obviously try to only keep the good. My favorite TV show is Parks and Recreation, I cry every time I rewatch it. It’s really an all around good show. Anyway, when it comes to Johnny Karate they have a segment call “Trying Something New” with Leslie Knope! I want every Tuesday to be “Try it Tuesday” on my blog. I will write about a couple past experiences but I want to try new things as often as possible and show the world what a positive impact it can have on a person.

First Tuesday: Jet Skiing!GOPR1867.JPG

So I actually did this last summer but I also did it this summer so.. it counts.(The first few weeks are gonna maybe going to be catching up to my current life). Anyway! Renting a Jet Ski for a couple hours is super fun and an awesome way to spend your day. Prices vary but I know a place in Pensacola that you can do this for $60 an hour which is fantastic! It’s adventurous, an excellent water activity, and gives you a little arm work out too. Bonus!

I’ve done this with family and friends. Jet Skiing is a blast for practically any age. You just have to be brave enough to try.GOPR1865.JPG

“And best of all we tried something new, even though it was scary at first”- Johnny Karate (Andy Dwire) ((Chris Pratt)) of Parks and Rec.

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