Happy first day of school to all you college guys and gals. Here are somethings to remember as you are going through the motions of your first week!

  1. Check your class schedule multiple times. Over and Over. Know the time and place. Don’t be late because your professor might black list you.
  2. Get on campus early, parking can often make you want to destroy the school and never look back. The first 2-3 weeks are the worst.
  3. You can wait on your books until your first or second class meeting, your professor will tell you what’s up when you are actually in class.
  4. Feel free to dress to impress but also feel free to take it easy. There’s no dress code so make your mark as you wish. Be comfortable though, 1st days are uncomfortable enough. IMG_0230
  5. Look for a group that interests you. Scuba, bible, dance, sports, anything! You’ll want something to look forward to during those stressful weeks.
  6. Do group fitness! You can meet people, have fun, get a good workout and start on that dream body of yours.
  7. Go in with a good attitude. Just try.
  8. Set goals for yourself. Always important.Aiming for a 4.0? A’s and B’s? Or just surviving? IMG_0004_2
  9. Call your mom. All through college. You wouldn’t make it without her or your mom/parentlike figure.
  10. Relax and give yourself treats but don’t lose focus on your priority. Which by the way, is school. Your full time job is a student. 76140_10151263598213618_225837187_n

Good luck to all of you today, this week, and throughout the semester!