More than half the things I do are completely dorky. If you know me, you know I love my pets dearly. I work hard so they can have a better life. My posse is as follows:~Peaches the cutest, happiest, sweetest cocker spaniel you’ll ever meet

~Duke Kit Kat of Westeros (Wes) the most handsome and practically a dog kitty

~Kovu the most well behaved out of everyone tortoise.

And fish but they don’t count for the post… 

Anyway, are you looking to spruce up your apartment and are totes broke for real art? Then you’re in the purrfect place. I couldn’t take photos of the during process but I’m sure you can all understand why when the project is revealed. 

Easy enough: I squeezed out some acrylic paint on paper plates and dipped the paws of each animal in the paint and carefully placed it on blank canvas. Each animal got a different color. Wow! So easy! Now you have a piece of art that the whole family worked on. 

The difficult part of this: clean up.

Tips for an easier time than me:

1 Do this in the bathroom only.

2 Have paws shaved and such, short hair is easier to work with so do this sometime after a grooming appointment. 

3 One at a time, no other animals allowed during someone else’s art time.

4 Press the paws, don’t let them walk. They likely are not the Aristocats and have no real talent for art. You’re the nerd here, not them. 

Have fun and good luck, I’d love to know if any of you actually try it, contact me if you do!