Take a Campus job or internships.

Internships provide you with direct experience in the field that you’re aiming to get your stellar job in. Campus jobs just look good on a resume in general but are also monumentally convenient.

Funny story, before I was working on campus I had an issue of getting up for my classes (normal but shameful). So when I began my second job on campus I made sure I was working mornings pre-classtime. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m much more likely get myself out of bed for money than I am for sitting in an hour+ class listening to a professor talk about things I don’t understand because I’m half asleep. My plan was very successful and I hardly ever missed class after.


As I mentioned above, I had two on campus jobs. My first was what I really wanted to be doing and loved every second of it. Sure there were frustrating times but I felt at home and like I was with family. The issue with the job was that I could only get 15 hours a week. Homegirl can’t make it on that with minimum wage. So after a year of one job, two years of school down, I decided it was time for a second. The preschool on campus was hiring so I filled the rest of my spare time there. Now I have teaching experience and am already planning on being a kick butt mom!

Hard work really does pay off. Doing well during campus jobs or internships means more possible opportunities. Even if there is no job for you at the end of your college career or plan fell through, working hard means references that will actually get you places. If you can’t work, volunteer. If you want something you don’t wish, you work. My “magic formula” has always been work hard and pray. You might think you have a plan but you don’t. God has a plan for you and he’s leading you exactly where you need to be.