How to Cruise Properly 

When I was 10 I went on my first cruise. My grandma offered to take my mom and I because both my moms parents died in April. My grandma then extended the invitation to my aunt and cousin. That’s right, girls trip! Well the vacation was so much fun and so sussesful that we did it every year! We only missed one and last year was the last. I’m 22 now so we went on 11 cruises! I guess you could call me an expert. Nbd. Anyway! With all my experience comes my wisdom!
Wisdom 1. Book excursions through the cruise line. Some may see more expensive than what you could get on land but you’re completely protected in a lot of ways by doing so. If the excursion is cancelled, you get your money back. If the tour runs late, the ship will wait for you. The transportation to said tour is already included. The ship is still affiliated so you’re likely won’t robbed or killed. Like I said the transportation is included so if you choose to take a taxi you may end up paying close to same price anyway because all of the countries that ships go to have plenty of con artists. Not everyoneis of course but traveling presents safety hazards that we don’t like to think about because we’re on vacation and want nothing more than to be carefree!
Wisdom 2. Don’t buy stuff on the ship. Save your money. You can find it anywhere else in the world. Take that money and do a spa treatment or buy your souvineers in port.

Wisdom 3. Book a cruise that caters to you. Carnival I found to be very kid friendly. They have plenty of adult activities too but there was a lot for kids. Royal Caribbean is a little more sophisticated. There is SO much to do on the ship for all ages but there is a more adult feel to it. I loved both but I may have to choose RC as the favorite. Princess and Celebritity are also very popular but definitely geared more for adults. Do your research on what you’re looking for on a ship and who you’re going with. Bonus tip: all ships serve basically the same food so don’t let that sway you.

Wisdom 4. Do ballroom dinners every night. You are assigned a table and time for every night in the grand ballroom. Everything is free minus the alcohol of course. You can do two soups, two desserts, whatever! They will make everything amazing and it’s fun! You get to be all dressed up and eat your gourmet food. There is something different every night and a full menus to choose from. Try a new food! If you don’t like it, they’ll bring you something else. We always enjoyed this because it was our family tune an d we could talk about our day. We often paired off and did different stuff so this was a mice fine to catch up and have a nice meal.

Wisdom 5. Dont care about what other people think of you! If you want that 4th margarita, fine! You’re on vacation! If you want a plate full of desserts, go for it! Pizza at 3am, no problem! If you want to rock climb but are terrible or decide after a few rocks, it’s ok to get get down. Cruises are about getting out there and having fun!

Wisdom 6. Take a short cruise if you or someone with you has never been on a cruise before. You never know if you’re going to be sea sick. You also might not like cruising! Crazy, but I’m pretty sure there are people who don’t. And the last thing you want is to be stuck on a floating prison for a week if you hate it.
Wisdom 7. Try something new. Do the surf simulator, rock climb, take a dance class, go to comedy or musical production! It doesn’t matter! As long as you’re having fun, go do it. This is a fantastic opportunity to have your first spa treatment or do something adventurous!

Have fun, beyond the sea.

Enjoy the journey!



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