Daily Dose of Jesus 

You may or may not be spiritual but something that benefits everyone is reading the bible. I started reading the bible every day. It doesn’t have to be a lot at all but something is better than nothing. I’d also like to suggest a book with paper pages. Not your bible app.
For anyone, reading the bible daily helps you with your reading. It gives your mind something other than your smart phone screen. Reading more aids in being able to read more. I noticed I was able to read a little faster once I started reading the good book everyday. Which for me, was a big deal.
So I started my routine originally at night and I loved that. Like end the day right, kept mind in the right place or would give me some peace before sleeping. But then I started doing it at lunch time in break. And let me tell you, that was nice. It was that kick I needed to get me through the rest of my day at work or school. And let’s face it, sometimes we need that. I have overall loved every job I’ve had but there are days that make you super stressed or in many unfortunate situations for some people, days that make you just want to get up and quit. Reading the bible for me really gets me through it all and leaves me hopeful and helps me relying on God like I should be doing already. He’s going to be with us every step of the way so why not show him we believe that.
If you’re looking for a stronger connection with God, this is also the way to do it. Learning about him more through written word gives you a stronger connection to me partly because it feels more “historical ” like yes! This really did happen. And that feels so nice when practicing faith. There are gonna be days where you feel like you don’t have time or you’re just exhausted. Or you’ve had a hard day and practicing faith can be tough on rough days. But God can heal all things. He wants to heal you and your day. He wants your love and for you to have peace. The bible is one of his many gifts to us.
Why not try and use it?

Enjoy the journey.



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Just a girl who travels and is on a journey to make myself and the world a better place.

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