Lemons are practically everything. I’m starting to juice a lemon in my morning cup of water to lose weight so fingers crossed.

In my water bottle though I slice half a lemon or so and let it chill in my water that I’m drinking all day. I’ll keep those slices in my bottle for maybe 1-2 days but then I have to switch them out. I hate wasting. But I also didn’t want to just throw these slices away either….so on to my favorite lemon use!

  • Honey and lemon. My skin is so much clearer and brighter since I started doing this.
    I wet my face
    I take my lemon slice, pour just a little bit of honey on it and move in a circular motion all over my face.
    Let it sit for a few, no more than 5 minutes.
    Wash it off and boom!

Be careful of your eyes! Citrus and all. Blemishes also can sting from time to time but this happened maybe once ever to me. But they don’t stand a chance against this Amazing mixture! I do this a few times a week. Once a day if my skin isn’t looking how i would like. But there you have it! Trust me, it works!

  • Homey  touches. You can also clean with lemon! After you use those slices in your water you can use them on the metal parts of sinks and tubs to make them extra shiny!


  • Garden. You can take the seeds from the lemons and plant them into making a nice little lemon plant! I’m  a firm believer in gardening, even if I’m bad at it.

There are a millon uses on Pinterest if you go looking but these are my favorites. But who knows, maybe I’ll try something else and have to make a part two!