This one is close to my heart… Make friends with International students!

You will learn so much about all the corners of the world that you didn’t get to visit…yet. While friendships are so important in college, there is nothing like International friends. They are likely on a time line of when they come and go as in one or two semesters. And thats how you become such good friends. You know you only have a limited amount of time with them so in a sense, you love them harder. When they leave, it can feel like your soul is breaking but here’s what actually is happening. A part of your heart is going to another part of the world, and it’s going to be there waiting for you to go complete it once again.


Travel is 103923053253 times better when you friends living elsewhere. Japan- AMAZING. A huge part of it was that I had like 20 friends to take me around and be the most wonderful people on earth. Brazil- I’m marrying a Brazilian guy! I get to go see my friends every so often now! I have family there and a place to stay with my in-laws. It’s perfect.


Beware though! The exotics of International people can be hypnotizing and you may get the urge to jump on a relationship. While I am obviously not against that, many leave after a year or so as I said and hearts break and break semester after semester. I just got lucky.