I got engaged May 26th 2016 in Destin Florida miles above the beach in a helicopter. I love my future husband. As a recently promoted girlfriend to fiancé I have some serious tips and advice for your future if you haven’t gotten to that point in your life yet.

Take in the moment.
It might be adventurous so you can’t really stop to take in every single detail but it’s ok as long as you know the answer. It is however totally ok to just take a second and look into the eyes of your future kneeling  in front of you because this is a moment you’ll never have again. Don’t wait too long and scare him though!


Take time for yourselves.
Don’t use your phone. Don’t call or text anyone. Just sit together and tell each other how much you love the other. Maybe get ready for the wave of excitement and QUESTIONS to come.


Call the most importants.
We called his parents, my mom, his sisters (kinda), my brother, and my maid of honor. The most important people you know should feel important or honored on this day too. You’re in love with the one but the love and support of those who came before him should still mean the world to you.

Text the next.
This includes bridesmaids and close friends and family. You can send a picture of the ring or the moment or something cute like that. I sent his sisters in a group message with just us three a picture and a text saying “we’re gonna be sisters!” Growing up with only one brother whom I wasn’t super close to, this was a momental moment for me. So of course after that we face timed but with them being twins calling one first meant disappointing the other so I let them come to me…lol.


Right before the calls
Literally every single person who we told asked “when is the wedding” this was a complicated question for us for a few reasons but I knew it couldn’t be discussed until we spoke with my mom face to face which was thankfully only the next day but the answer wasn’t laid out until about week later anyway. So really, think about an answer to when you will marry and what city/area it’ll likely be in.

Social media
TELL whoever you have told not to say anything until you post it. We kind of ran into this problem which was an almost bummer for us. We didn’t think we needed to tell anyone not to post about it but apparently we did! Think about if you want to announce it in person. I didn’t care about this so much but my mom did. There was going to be a birthday party for me two days after he proposed so my mom just thought it would be cool to announce it then. And sure it would’ve but posting of social media makes you a little nit of a rock star for a couple days because FINALLY you are the one whose getting married!