I am not the best gardener. I’ve killed many a plant. However, watching something like that grow is quite an amazing thing. I was working at a preschool attached to my university. I loved it most days but like any job, somedays it was hard. So the room I worked in had a lead teacher who was in her late 50s or so. Such a nice woman and I was lucky to be working in her room. She loved to garden and definitely had a bright green thumb. She spoke with me about hardening plenty of times and then have me a little plant. I gradually got more. Then one day she gave me a ton of seeds. She let me pick from a huge bag seeds with kale, beans, tomato, cucumbers, the works! She then said something I’ll never forget, “gardening improves your quality of life.”

It got me thinking, what else does that?

My personal favorite: Travel. Now obviously traveling is expensive no matter how many travel blogs and Pinterest tips you have, it’s a big chunk out of your wallet. You make it work by staying with friends, choosing a good travel buddy, splitting gas, camping, etc. you can significantly cut on costs but you aren’t gonna travel for “next to nothing”.


Music. Learn to sing or play an instrument. 2016 I’ve committed to taking violin lessons. I had a childhood dream of learning violin as it is a gorgeous instrument. Dance is also a great way to improve your quality of life.  Not necessarily booty dancing in da club but if that’s your thing, go for it. Take a lesson, blast your favorite songs in your house, whatever you want to do, dance is a sport and an art. So maybe that’s two points in the quality of life bank?


As previously discussed, gardening! It the closest thing you can do to making a baby. Taking a seed and letting it grow into a plant.

Pets are a close second if not my actual favorite. Loving and caring for a pet is the best thing you can do with your young life prechildren. Cat, dog, turtle, fish, monkey, whatever you like, go for it! You can find someone to watch your fur/scaley babies when you travel, you can bring them with you, don’t make excuses if you want a pet, just get it! (Unless you live with someone else, then you better ask and discuss it. I had a horrible roommate who did that to me).