How to be the most Epic Maid of Honor

You know what one of my major dreams for my life has been? Being my best friend’s maid of honor. From age 5 to now at 22 my bff has (what used to be unfortunately) changed over the years. My truest and best friend though, Katie, made my dream come true. The moment I found out she was engaged I was constantly hoping I would be her MOH because I wanted it so bad! The only reason that I thought I wouldn’t be is that she has a sister but her sister is MUCH younger so luckily the spot was mine! All year I was sorting out what I could do for her and what she wanted and how to be the perfect girl for her. So I thought I’d share because overall, I think I did a dang good job.


1. Engagement excitement. Nothing hurts worse than having one of the most precious people on the planet not be pumped for you. That personally happened to me with one of my close friends and I was kind of crushed and it was beyond difficult to not let it spoil my day. Be supportive no matter what. If there’s an issue with the guy or your feelings talk about it like 2 weeks later. But that day is HER day, be excited because THAT is what she wants and needs from you. You can always take it a step further and get an engagement gift as well! I got her some cute apparel that said stuff like “He Put a Ring on it” and “Feyoncé”.  MOHs love Etsy!

2. Listen to your bride. She stressed? Ask what you can do. Take her to a movie to get her mind off of the pressure or get your nails done! I have my girl a basket of goodies. Living 6 hours away made weekend visits straight to the point and we didn’t get to do all leisure fun we did in high school. The basket has wines, a note, candles and just nice little goodies.
3. Talk about the bachelorette party with her. Surprise her by all means if that’s what she wants but make sure you know what she is comfortable with. If that means no strippers, you don’t hire strippers. If that means she wants to go boating, see a movie, go clubbing, whatever, you look for the way to make it work or close to it.

4. Be a team player. Involve the other bridesmaids with what you want/can. The bride chose you for a reason, she knows you did the work and you are the one who can handle the job. She will appreciate the fact that you care for her other friends.
5. Bridal shower. That’s your job too. To throw a stellar shower for her. Pick a theme, games, decorate the crap out of your place or wherever you’ll have it because this is the main shower of the wedding process. Ask the bride for the guest list and then run with it. Katie is into photography and is an extremely talented  graphic design student. I made her shower theme “capture the moment”. Photo Booth, camera decorations, and her art work displayed. As well as a few other bridey decorations! Again, it’s all about Etsy and DIY.
6. The most fun night or weekend ever! Originally we were looking at cruises but Katie got worried about the price. Totally understand. I then tried to get a free beach house in Jacksonville beach! And I did but then they pulled out. So it came to a weekend in Orlando and that was an amazing choice. We stayed at a gorgeous apartment like hotel with our own hot tub! Two girls per room, oven, fridge, alcohol, the works! Night one, limo around with our dranks and hit up the normal hen party joints- no strippers. Day 1(2) we did universal studios! That night was hot tubbing, drinking, chillin. Sunday was Hamburger Marys for lunch then relaxing with spa masks and watching the videos we made. With the few of us who stayed that night we went to downtown Disney for some sightseeing and a drink or two ;). It was SUCH a blast!
Along with planning the party I gave them all a welcome bag complete with shirt, sunglasses, chap stick, and hair tie. All wedding and bachelorette related topics.

7. Speech! Yes you will speak at her wedding. Even if it terrifies you. You will do it and she will do the same. Go for two minutes. I memorized mine but got a little tongue tied and that’s ok! It still turned out. You can watch it her for a foundation if you have no idea what to say.


Most importantly, even though being MOH is your dream come true, remember it’s about this girl whom is your sister. Either by blood or by heart. Listen to her and love her.


Enjoy the journey!



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