We’re about to get real personal.
My whole life I’ve been a little chunky. It’s always been enough to at least make me feel really really uncomfortable about my body. While I’ve never looked at other girls and thought bad thoughts about their weight or how they look it doesn’t mean I don’t do that for me. I would like to have perfect nails and long healthy hair all the time. But life can get in the way and we all know that. Now let’s get to the real point of this article.

I’m going on a fitness journey. And now that’s it’s published on the internet for all to see, I basically HAVE to stick to it. I’m getting married in a year and a half (or this New Years Eve- I have no clue and its super stressful), I want my dream body to go with the day I’ve been dreaming about all my life along with the man that is going from a dream to reality.

So here are my goals:
Run/walk everyday with the company of Peaches (my precious pup)
Cut soda completely
Only cheat with sugar on special occasions like birthdays other than that- NO sweets
Keep my nails as presentable as I can, can’t have people admiring my ring with nasty nails
Get regular trims, use natural creams, and keep my hair heathy and watch it grow like repunzel
Brush and floss my teeth with any possible leseier time
Read the bible every single day

I will keep my weight goal to myself as I’m sure how much I can lose as be heathy.
Ideally I would be 120 pounds but I may be too tall for that weight. Truthfully, my ultimate goal is to be in great heath and feel absolutely top notch about myself. If I become actually healthy and feel like the beauty I want to be in one pound, then I’m happy. Beauty doesn’t always mean what you see, it can be by what you feel.

Stay tuned