I’m about to give THE best advice about going wedding dress shopping. What I think is the absolute most fun part about planning a wedding.

1. Choose a dress from the states
2. It’s better if you are fluent in the language being spoken
3. Know what price is going to be too much and don’t let the consultants show you anything out of that limit.

Today has been literally so emotional for me. I’m in Brazil for most of the month of July (fiancé is Brazilian). As a fun activity I thought it would be nice to go wedding dress browsing with his mom since she lives so far away and she doesn’t get to be as included in this kind of stuff. Her own daughters got their U.S. Citizenship and got married in the states so she didn’t even get to go shopping with them when they got married. Anyway, we went in the first store and shopping in Brazil for dresses is very different than the states. They their have you use nice heels, you end up flashing your boobies to the consultant helping you dress, no photos,  stuff like that, I’ll discuss more when the time us right.

I basically wanted to look in Brazil to find the Alfred Angelo 2011 Cinderella dress that I’ve been dreaming about since I was 16. The dollar is worth 3x as much in Brazil so in theory I could get a good deal. However, Brazil is VERY expensive. Maybe more expensive than Japan. People kept saying girls go to the states to get a wedding dress instead of staying in Brazil. But I still wanted to look. I had pretty much decided on the Cinderella dress a while ago, tried it on with my mom and we both love it but it’s $1,000 so we’ve been online looking for a preowned one. Back to Brazil. So we get there, his mom doesn’t speak perfect English but we can communicate very well. Price wasn’t discussed right off the bat (problem #1). I tried on multiple dresses and when there was one that I wanted to try on again I was taken back into my dressing room. The woman gets the dress on me, then proceeds to give me a beautiful, quick, and simple half-up-half-down hair do. Adding a tiara. Then a veil. As I walk out to the lights and mirrors they play the music much more loud. As Christina Perry’s “A Thousand Years” is blasted I’m given a bouquet of flowers to get full effect. Tears. I’ve never loved myself in a piece of clothing more in my entire life. I couldn’t even stop the tears when facetimed my mom. As badly as I want to say yes, I need to find out how much this beauty is. So as I finally got and out of this dress I never knew I needed we talked price and I understood why girls go to the states. It was $2000. My mom wants to spend $500. We talk price after price and we get down to $1,200. My mother says “that’s an astronomical amount of money for a dress. If we are going to spend $1,000 on a dress we might as well get Cinderella”. I knew she was right but I just loved that dress so much.

So now it’s 2:30am and I can’t sleep thinking about how much I loved that dress and being terrified that Cinderella won’t meet my desires anymore. I’m being dramatic and a baby but my fiancé and I are waiting a year and a half to marry because my mom thinks that’s best for us. People keep saying well that’s good, you can have your wedding exactly the way you want then! Well people are wrong. A price is a price. I knew we should’ve talked price original but not understanding everyone is intimidating. I’ve been depressed all day today thinking about this dress.

Planning a wedding is hard, world.

What would you do?