As a recent graduate from the university of west Florida, I obviously have so much wisdom to share with the world. So it’s time to start my few month long dream of starting a blog. Woo! But what I’m actually going to be blogging about are journeys. Really important journeys. Sharing my own journeys and sending you all on journeys. Kinda weird right? I’m sure you’re thinking, you’re just a blogger, what do you know? Right?! Me too, girl!  Also, am I considered a blogger yet? This is number one! Well either way, here we go!

~I’m going to write about the places I’ve been, travel tips, that excitement of that nature.
~If I find a product that’s super duper great, you’re gonna hear about it.
~College tips
~Quantities of the Qualities for life
~How to handle certain events and all the fun little details that go with them

Yes. I’m blogging.

Join the journey